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Haglof Electronic Clinometer EC II D-R

Use the EC II-R with factor gauge to measure inclination and heights. The EC II-R includes functions to calculate basal area and volume. Updated version features digital distance calculation!

The EC II D-R is a small-size, multi-function instrument that can be used for quick results of stand volume estimates. The EC II D-R has adjustable factors and offers great accuracy for your height measurements.The new EC II D-R version also includes trigonometrical distance calculation to the measuring object. To use, set a visible mark at a reference height of 2 meters/6 feet on the object to measure. Walk a distance approximately as far away as the object's total height. Measure the angle to the object's base, followed by the anlge to the reference height mark.

The distance is calculated by the instrument and the result flashes quickly in the display. The EC II D-R is now ready to measure the total height or other height on the object. For basal area and volume calculation, use the factor gauge to count number of stems and input in the EC II D-R instrument. The basal area and a volume estimate of the stand is presented to you in the instrument display.