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Haglof Increment Borer 450mm Long, 5.15mm Core Diameter, 3 Thread

Know your forest inside and out! Haglof Sweden has produced increment borers for over 50 years, and they offer the largest variety of lengths and core diameters. Cant see the size you want? Contact us for a quote!
The Haglof Increment Borer is the classic instrument for past and reliable results when evaluating age, increment and soundness of trees. Increment borers are also used for decay check-ups, pollution control, wood density, chemical penetration control etc.
Haglof borers are made from high quality Swedish steel with Teflon coating on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and for a smoother drive into the tree. The extractor is made of stainless steel for a stronger and straighter performance.
Important facts about the Haglof Increment Borers: The ease at which a borer penetrates wood depends not only on the threading, but also on type of wood, friction properties and capability. Using force is not necessary - and not recommended! A gentle press at the same time as a screwing movement is the trick to get the perfect tree core sample.For best performance, the increment borer should be clean and sharp at all times. Do not store the borer wet and dirty. Cleaning can be done with a tissue and any light oil, If the borer is rusty, fine steel wool can be used instead of paper tissues.

Threadings: There are two different kinds of threading on Haglof borers: 2 or 3 threading. The 2 threading is more suitable for hardwood since it turns slower in the tree (8mm per turn) and generates more strength when drilling. The 3 threading will be faster and easier when penetrating the tree (12mm per turn). A 3 threaded borer is 66% faster than a 2 thread.