Suunto MC-2 G Mirror Sighting Compass

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Suunto MC-2 G Mirror Sighting Compass

Embark on every adventure equipped with the Suunto MC-2 G Mirror Sighting Compass, a remarkable navigational tool packed with features that set it apart in its category. This compass is designed with a gear-operated declination adjustment system, making it an exceptional aid in regions with significant magnetic variations.

One of its key features is the pendulum clinometer, a handy tool for measuring diverse slopes – from terrain incline, obstacle heights, tree heights and elevation calculations. A luminous bezel, equipped with azimuth (0-360°) graduations at two-degree intervals, ensures ease of reading, especially under low light conditions. A clever combination of luminous points and color lines effectively eliminates parallax error.

This compass is perfectly balanced for use in all compass zones worldwide. The MC-2 G is a professional mirror compass specifically designed for accurate bearings and standard direction finding, complete with an adjustable declination correction scale.

Mirror and Specialty Compasses:

Suunto's professional compasses are trusted by a wide range of users needing precise directional data. These include explorers venturing into wilderness or mountainous areas, maritime navigators, geologists, surveyors, miners, architects, fire-fighters, rescue teams, and antenna technicians. In short, anyone who demands exact direction findings will find these instruments invaluable.

Features & Specifications:

  • Global needle for universal use
  • Gear-operated declination adjustment
  • Comprehensive 0-360° Compass Scale
  • Large sighting mirror - Doubles as a signaling mirror
  • Additional sighting hole for enhanced precision
  • Ergonomically designed, luminous bezel ring
  • Baseplate equipped with magnifying lens
  • Multiple map scales printed on baseplate
  • Rubber feet on baseplate for steady map usage
  • Detachable lanyard with snap lock
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 101mm x 18mm
  • Weight: 74g
  • Available with optional spirit bubble for geological measurements

Experience precise direction finding with the Suunto MC-2 G Mirror Sighting Compass – the go-to compass for professionals and serious adventurers.

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