CoreSafe Ultimate N Core Tray, 5 Row, 1000mm x 385mm


Type: Ultimate
Colour: Bob Grey
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CoreSafe Ultimate N Core Tray

The Worlds Safest Core Trays and Core Boxes

The CoreSafe Ultimate Plastic Core Tray makes handling diamond drill core easy and safe. Designed in conjunction with core tray users, CoreSafe Ultimate Plastic Core Trays include a huge number of unique design elements that make CoreSafe Ultimate Plastic Core Trays the safest core tray available.

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Trays are designed for working end to end - 1 tray per metre of workbench. While CoreSafe SlimLine Core Trays are designed for working side by side - 3 trays per metre of workbench.

CoreSafe and the Australian International Design Awards

CoreSafe has been awarded Good Design by the Australian International Design Awards' Judges.

It all starts with the Easy Lift Handles:

CoreSafe Ultimate Plastic Core Trays incorporate generous easy lift handles on all sides to make handling a breeze. The side handles have been specifically designed to encourage the trays to be lifted naturally, safely by their sides, reducing strain on wrists and elbows associated with lifting trays from their ends. The end handles are ideal for positioning the trays on a work surface.

Flat Base Design:

CoreSafe Ultimate Plastic Core Trays / Plastic Core Boxes feature a flat base so that they glide easily on any work surface - even conveyor rollers. They won't catch or grab on tables, snag on pallets, or jam in conveyor rollers - further reducing workplace injuries through thoughtful design.

Protecting your core as well as your workforce:

CoreSafe Plastic Core Trays / Plastic Core Boxes are not only safe to use, they are also safes for your core. When creating CoreSafe we wanted to address the simple fact that core trays are for storing and transporting diamond core. If a core tray should do only one thing well it should be to protect the core. CoreSafe incorporates a range of features that do just that. From the core support cradling system that runs the length of each row, to the security lock holes that work in conjunction with the optional CoreSafe one piece clip on lid. If you want to protect your core from damage - or from prying eyes, CoreSafe is your safest option.

What is CoreSafe made from.

All CoreSafe Core Trays, Lids, Markers, and Plugs are made from tough plastic for safety, durability, and economy. Our chosen material is a premium grade high-impact polypropylene; designed to give many years of field service. CoreSafe Plastic Core Trays and Core Tray Accessories are designed to work in most environments. They can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees C. They are engineered tough to minimise twisting, bowing and breakage. Immune to most chemicals and UV stabilised for extended life outdoors. CoreSafe Plastic Core Trays and Accessories are also available in other specialised plastics for those rare applications where extreme conditions prevail, please let us know of any particular requirements you may have.

For more information visit the CoreSafe Micro Site


  • External Tray Dimensions: 1000mm x 385mm

  • Tray Size Options: N = 5 Rows

  • H = 4 Rows

  • P = 3 Rows

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