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Pesola 1,000/500ml Infusion Scale

  • Inverted scale for direct reading of volume infused.
  • Double scale for bags 1000 ml or 500 ml. Manual D/F/E.
  • Sterilizable with chemically treat in acetylene for 15 hours or in autoclave at max.120°C ( 248°F )  at 1 bar for 45 min.
  • Precise, ultra-light and handy Spring Scale with transparent tube and long, clear double display.

  • Patented tare, zero-adjustment and spring suspension technology.

  • Free turning inner tube which neither influences reading nor tare.

  • Tare screw with incremental rotation, to avoid inadvertent adjustment.

  • Always ready for use, needs no batteries.

  • A time-tested original Swiss quality product at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Maximum conditions for sterilisation:

  • In autoclave at 120°C at 1 bar for 45 minutes
  • or 15 h in acetylene

Synthetic parts are incompatible with high concentrations of chlorine and its compounds!

Personalised labels, different graduations, capacities and colors on request.

Technical data
Manufacturers Item no. 11000/5
Capacities 1000 ml / 500 ml
Division 10 ml
Color dark blue
± 0.3%
Tare (zero adjustment) 15 - 20%
Standard Suspension
S (Scale length) 100 mm / 50 mm
L0 (Length without load) 225 mm
Lm (Maximum length) 330 mm
Ø (Diameter)
12.2 mm
Components all non corroding
Net weight 24 g
Gross weight 39 g
Measuring position free choice
Calibration by user not applicable (only by manufacturer)
Manual DE/EN/FR
Packaging transparent designer case
Warranty 3 years