Portable Vane Mount for 5000 Series Kestrel Pocket Weather Meter

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Rotating Vane Mount and Carry Case, Kestrel 5 Series

This precision engineered accessory securely mounts any Kestrel 5 Series meter to any standard tripod fitted bracket. Once mounted, the Kestrel 5 Series becomes a full-featured weather station with a large wind vane and precision pivot that keeps the Kestrel oriented into the wind for continuous measurement and logging of wind speed, wind direction, and all other key weather parameters. The Kestrel 5 Series Vane Mount offers many improvements over the Kestrel 4 Series Vane Mount including a sturdier one-piece boom, easier assembly, more secure retention of the Kestrel meter, and the convenience of being able to also use the Kestrel mounting clip as a fixed 20º compatible bracket, allowing use of an extension pole for taking wind or air flow readings.

Your Kestrel 5 series meter can be conveniently stored and carried inside the Vane Mount pouch, making it the world's most portable weather station.

The ENTIRE Kestrel + Vane Mount kit weighs just 295 grams and measures just 6.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm. An internal battery loop secures extra AA batteries and a snap-strap on the rear secures the kit to your belt or pack.

Compatible with: All Kestrel 5 Series meters.

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