ProEarth Agate Pestle - Replacement - Various Sizes


Suits Mortar Size: Pestle for 100mm Mortar

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ProEarth Agate Pestle - Replacement - Various Sizes

Experience Precision Grinding Again with a High-Quality Replacement Pestle

Don't let a broken pestle stop you from achieving precision grinding and mixing of medium-hard to extremely hard substances. Our high-quality replacement pestle is expertly crafted from crystalline agate gemstone materials, ensuring optimal performance and durability for your mortar.

With a chemical purity of 99.91% SiO, you can trust that our replacement pestle won't contaminate your samples during the grinding process. Its exceptional abrasive resistance, thanks to the natural durability of agate, ensures that it can handle even the toughest grinding tasks.

Featuring a symmetrical octagonal design and precision craftsmanship, our replacement pestle is the perfect fit for your laboratory or kitchen mortar. Order now and experience unparalleled precision and durability in your grinding tasks once again.

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