ProEarth Kraft Paper Geochem Bags - Various Sizes (Pack of 100)

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Size: 125mm x 250mm

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ProEarth Kraft Paper Geochem Bags - Various Sizes (Pack of 100)

Looking for reliable and durable paper bags to store your precious samples? Look no further than Prospectors' ProEarth Kraft Paper Sample Bags!

Crafted using premium materials like wet strength paper and waterproof glue, these bags are designed to keep your samples secure and in pristine condition. The wire tie tab ensures a tight seal that won't easily come undone, providing you with peace of mind when transporting or storing your samples.

Ideal for a range of applications, these Kraft paper bags can be used for milled RC drill chips, soil samples (wet or dry), plant and seed samples, and more. With wet strength paper, you can rest assured that even wet samples won't deteriorate the bag, while the breathable properties of the bag help prevent condensation.

Invest in the best and trust Prospectors' ProEarth Kraft Paper Sample Bags for all your sample storage needs.


  • Wet Strength Kraft Paper
  • Waterproof Glue
  • Wire Tab Closure
  • Pack of 100 Bags

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