Prospectors 10x Gold Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier

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Prospectors 10x Gold Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier

Indulge in a touch of luxury with the Prospectors 10x Gold Hand Lens Triplet Magnifier—a dazzling addition to your toolkit!

Discover the excellence of this original from Prospectors Supplies—an enduring favorite with a legacy of thousands sold over the decades. Whether you're venturing into the great outdoors or engaged in precise tasks within a lab or workshop, rely on this trustworthy and budget-friendly hand lens to be your steadfast companion.

Featuring three meticulously bonded lenses, our 10x Gold Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier is engineered for precision. Corrected for both spherical and chromatic aberrations, it delivers a remarkably sharp and distortion-free image, ensuring you capture every detail with clarity.


  • 10x magnification for a closer, more detailed view
  • 18mm aperture for optimal light gathering
  • Elegant gold finish for a touch of sophistication

Elevate your prospecting and examination experience with the Prospectors 10x Gold Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier—an iconic tool blending style with functionality. Discover the world in intricate detail, and let the gold finish add a touch of opulence to your exploration journey.

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