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Rite in the Rain


Rite in the Rain 374, All Weather Universal Field-Flex Field Book, 117mm x 184mm

Need a bound book that's durable? The mid-sized Field-Flex book is great for stowing just about anywhere. Its soft 117mm x 184mm (4 5/8 in x 7 1/4 in) Field-Flex cover bends to conform to all kinds of pockets. The book comes with 128 pages (64 sheets) printed on 32# Rite in the Rain paper.


Size - 117mm x 184mm (4 5/8 in x 7 1/4 in)
Page Pattern - Universal
Binding - Perfect
Cover - Field Flex (yellow)
Number of Pages - 128
Weight - 190g (0.42)
Number of Sheets - 64

Take a look at the All Weather Rite in the Rain 390F Notebook!