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Triage Tape Kit

Colorful and highly visible, Presco Triage Tape is the most durable and easy to use Triage Tape available. Triage Tape is utilised in the emergency field or at mass casualty incidents by tying the appropriate colour identification tape to the injured victim to inform the agencies on site which emergency station to utilise. This product was designed in conjunction with the approved casualty management colours of triage tape. Presco Triage Flagging Tape is printed with designated S.T.A.R.T. start triage system legends to enhance communication between agencies.

Tape Thickness: 2mil

Stock Roll Widths: 38mm (custom widths available upon request)

Stock Roll Lengths:

91m (custom roll lengths available upon request)

Kit Includes: 2 colour coded rolls each of Minor, Delayed, Immediate and Deceased in one easy to carry box.

What is Triage?

Triage is a method of ranking sick or injured people according to the severity of their sickness or injury in the event of a mass casualty incident, natural disaster, motor vehicle accident, chemical or biological terrorist attack. By properly marking the victims, patients can be steered to the most appropriate care and medical agencies and facilities are used more efficiently. Include the Prospectors Triage Flagging Tape Kit into your critical incident management system today.

The Colour Coded S.T.A.R.T. Start Triage System

Red: The 1st Priority is to find and treat the Immediate patients with a life-threatening situation

Yellow: The 2nd Priority is to find and treat the Delayed patients which are not as severe as the first priority

Green: Your 3rd Priority is to find and treat the patients with Minor injuries, that are ambulatory

Black: Your 4th Priority is to find those that are Deceased or require no care

Because Prospectors is a key supplier of Barricade Tape, anything you see can be customised to fit your need. Call today to discuss customisation options.

Call for quantity discounts on +61 2 9839 3500.

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