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SlimMate Polypropylene Form Holder Clipboard; Top Opening; A4 Saunders

Great for backpacks, briefcases or anywhere that space Is tight, the Saunders SlimMate Clipboards thin, low-profile design is perfect for minimising bulk yet allows for plenty of storage space and a large work surface. The Saunders SlimMate Form Holder Clipboard has a low-profile clip with integrated rubber grip pads to hold up to 12mm of papers firmly in place. The cover of the Saunders SlimMate snaps shut with a click to keep items in and the weather out.


  • Paper Size: A4
  • Material: Durable Polypropylene
  • Storage Capacity: 19mm
  • Clip Capacity: 12mm
  • Available in Black, Blue, Green, and Red