Small Geological Compass Costu Breithaupt

Breithaupt Costu Small Geological Compass

The small liquid damped magnetic compass with built-in circular bubble and pendulum clinometer is the ideal instrument for the student. It is suited for geological surveys and mapping and for measuring surfaces and lines.

Distinctive Advantages:

  • Low weight (120g) due to the rugged-light metal casing.
  • Shock proof. All shocks to the needle system are absorbed by dampening liquid. Consequently no lock for needle is required.
  • Rotating capsule of unbreakable transparent Makrolon with liquid damping of compass needle.
  • Clear base with large opening for use with maps.
  • Bevelled edge with 110mm graduation scale.
  • Precise aiming with front and rear sight (115mm distance), with simultaneous observation of fully visible compass capsule in mirror.

Technical Data:

Size of closed compass 69 x 58 x 25 mm
Weight 120 g
Diameter of graduation 40mm
Graduation 360o/400g
Graduation interval 5o/ 5g
Reading by estimation 1o/1g
Length of straight edge 110mm
Distance between front and rear sights 115mm
Clinometer +- 90o/+- 100g
Graduation Interval 5o/5g
Diameter of Graduation 38 mm
Circular Bubble 1o/2mm

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