Sola Clinometer 13cm


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Sola Clinometer 13cm

Experience Austrian precision engineering with the Sola Clinometer 13cm, a superior tool designed for professional accuracy in determining angles of inclination. This versatile instrument, built in the heartland of Austrian engineering, offers remarkable durability and unparalleled performance.

The SOLA Inclinometer is designed to effortlessly attach magnetically to drill rigs, machinery, or any platform where operators need to assess the angle of inclination. Its purposeful design caters to the demand for efficient and accurate readings, eliminating guesswork and promoting safe and precise operations.

Our SOLA Clinometer 13cm stands out with its ability to deliver readings of the angle to an impressive 15-minute precision, ensuring utmost accuracy in every operation. For added versatility, the angle can also be read in percentages, offering a flexible interpretation based on your specific requirements.

The clinometer boasts a complete 360° measurement capability, divided into four quadrants of 90° each, catering to all possible angular measurements. This feature offers users the ability to measure and work with a full spectrum of angles, enhancing usability and performance.

The SOLA Clinometer comes in two unique sizes, designed to suit a wide range of applications. The NAM13 model stands out with a compact yet robust design, sporting a 13cm diameter and a 14.5cm total width, making it an excellent choice for diverse operational needs.

Trust in the Sola Clinometer 13cm - a perfect blend of Austrian craftsmanship and modern engineering, designed to optimise your operations with precision and ease.


  • Product: Sola Clinometer Inclinometer 13cm
  • Made in Austria
  • Precision engineered for professional use
  • Ideal for determining angles of inclination
  • Magnetically attaches to drill rigs, machinery, or other platforms
  • Delivers readings of the angle to 15-minute precision
  • Offers flexibility to read angles in percentages
  • Complete 360° measurement capability, divided into four quadrants of 90° each
  • Comes in two different sizes to suit various applications
  • Model NAM13 features a 13cm diameter and a 14.5cm total width
  • Robust and compact design, suitable for diverse operational needs

Did you know the Sola Clinometer comes in a 50cm version?

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