Sola Clinometer 50cm



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Sola Clinometer 50cm

Step into the world of Austrian precision with the 50cm Sola Clinometer, a paragon of fine craftsmanship and meticulous engineering. This superb tool is the embodiment of Austrian engineering excellence, designed for precision measurement of angles of inclination.

The Sola Clinometer is ingeniously designed to magnetically attach to drill rigs, machinery, or any equipment requiring precise angle measurements. This magnetic clinometer stands out as an indispensable tool in any operator's arsenal, ensuring that your work achieves unparalleled precision in assessing the angle of inclination.

Designed for high accuracy, the SOLA Clinometer offers the distinct capability of reading angles up to a remarkable 15-minute precision. This attention to detail ensures your measurements are exact, enhancing the quality and safety of your operations.

In the spirit of versatility, the SOLA Clinometer can interpret angles in percentages, offering a flexible and comprehensive solution for a variety of operational needs. This unique feature contributes to the ease of understanding and interpreting your measurements.

Featuring a full 360° measurement range, divided into four 90° quadrants, the SOLA Clinometer accommodates all possible angular measurements. This 360-degree measurement capability guarantees comprehensive coverage and enhances the usability of the tool in a myriad of applications.

The Sola Clinometer comes in two distinct sizes, including a robust 50cm model, designed to fit a multitude of requirements. The choice of sizes ensures a perfect match for your specific operational needs, offering a clinometer that complements your work environment perfectly.

Embrace the fusion of Austrian craftsmanship and advanced engineering with the 50cm Sola Clinometer, a tool designed for precision, versatility, and exceptional performance in angle measurement.


  • Product: Sola Clinometer Inclinometer 50cm
  • Made in Austria
  • Precision engineered for professional use
  • Ideal for determining angles of inclination
  • Magnetically attaches to drill rigs, machinery, or other platforms
  • Delivers readings of the angle to 15-minute precision
  • Offers flexibility to read angles in percentages
  • Complete 360° measurement capability, divided into four quadrants of 90° each
  • Comes in two different sizes to suit various applications
  • Model NAM50 features a 13cm diameter and a 50cm total length
  • Robust and compact design, suitable for diverse operational needs

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