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The personal lightning detector that started it all!

StrikeAlert is the most trusted name when it comes to convenient, dependable and easy-to-use personal lightning detection. StrikeAlert provides an early warning of approaching lightning strikes, and lets you know if the storm is coming your way. The detector is housed in a small pager-like casing that can be clipped on a belt loop. You could use in any outdoor activities  such as Hiking, Golf, Swimming, Cycling, Camping, Farming and outdoor construction and etc. Take Lightning safety into your own hands by this convenient size and simple divice. The main features, 

- Convenient Size & Weight

  • Small and impact-resistant, StrikeAlert clips to your belt, golf bag or backpack.
  • ¬†

- Audible Warning

  • An audible warning sounds before (and while) lightning is within striking distance
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- Low Power Consumption

  • Up to 100 hours of reliable operation with two AAA batteries
  • Unit shuts off after 2 hours if no lightning has been detected
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- Easy-to-use

  • With press of a button, you can see the lightning strike distance, track the storm direction and view battery life

How to use StraikeAlert . 


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