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Tandem 360PC 360R Global Clinometer and Compass Suunto

Suunto Tandem - A combination of clinometer and compass

The Suunto Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact aluminium housing. This instrument is an excellent tool for surveyors, geologists, engineers, miners, satellite installers, cartographers, architects and anyone who needs to be able to measure directional indications, heights, vertical angles and slopes - with speed and accuracy.

Suunto Tandem Story

The Suunto Tandem is an invaluable aid in surveying forests and estimating wood volumes. The Tandem can also be used in mines, quarries and tunnels where inclines have to be measured with great accuracy.

When surveying and constructing the Tandem is especially handy when there are obstacles or depressions in the line of vision.

In addition, the Tandem assists in establishing GPS communication and installation and positioning of satellite antenna. It helps in establishing the right direction, the correct angle and that the location is free from obstacles.

The Suunto Tandem also features a lanyard, and a convenient carrying pouch with a belt loop. You can change the Tandem from compass to clinometer with the click of your wrist.

Product Features

  • High accuracy - precise readings in seconds
  • Durable aluminium housing - protects against impact, corrosion and water
  • Edges at 90¬∞ angles for contact measuring
  • Individually calibrated - (not certified)
  • Optical adjustment for reading
  • Same quality capsules as in the regular PMS and KBS
  • Compass Scale: 0-360¬∫, 360-0¬∫
  • Clinometer Scales: 0 ¬± 90¬∞, 0 ¬± 150 %
  • For use globally
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