Breithaupt TOPOSENSOR Electronic Surveying Compass


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Breithaupt TOPOSENSOR Electronic Surveying Compass

Advanced Electronic Surveying Compass with Magnetic Sensor-Technology

Experience precision like never before with the Breithaupt TOPOSENSOR, an innovative, compact electronic surveying compass, featuring groundbreaking magnetic sensor-technology. Ideally designed for intricate topographical surveys, our compass promises unmatched accuracy and convenience.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution digital LCD readout: This function offers clear and precise readings of both horizontal and vertical angles up to 360o (400gon), with an impressive resolution of 1o (1gon).
  • Declination adjustment: Fine-tune your compass reading with the declination setting for increased accuracy.
  • Built-in Telescope: The Breithaupt TOPOSENSOR incorporates a telescope, ensuring precise aiming during surveys. It offers an exceptional 10x25 magnification for a better view.
  • High-capacity Internal Memory: Forget about limited storage, as our compass can record and store up to 4000 measurements.
  • Electronic Pedometer: Our built-in electronic pedometer facilitates accurate distance measurements for a comprehensive survey.
  • Clock & Alarm Function: Manage your time effectively with our built-in clock and alarm function.
  • RS232 Interface: Ensures seamless data transmission for easy data processing and analysis.
  • Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 135 x 120 x 31mm, it's perfect for field use.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 310g (including batteries), the TOPOSENSOR is convenient to carry and handle.

Designed for surveyors and geographers who value precision and ease of use, the Breithaupt TOPOSENSOR electronic surveying compass is your ideal partner for efficient and accurate topographical surveys.

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