UVP Portable UV Lamp, Shortwave & Longwave, 6 Watts, 12 Volts


Sale price$834.30 AUD


This portable handheld UV lamp from Ultraviolet Products (UVP) is excellent for field use and includes a selectable split-tube 254nm shortwave and 365nm long wave light source. This 6 watt lamp is operated by either standard or rechargeable 6-volt lantern batteries (two required, not included).

This lamp is ideal for geological fluorescence work.

Applications include:

- Geological Analysis
- Field Inspection
- Lapidary


- Distinctive wraparound lamp handle that comfortably balances the lamp in your hand
- Mini built in flashlight is included
- Includes a sliding selector plate for switching between long or short wavelengths
- Combination 254nm short and 365nm long wavelengths
- Six Watts
- Powered by 2x 6-volt lantern batteries (not included)

- Dimensions = L 241mm x W 71mm x D 238mm

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