Yamayo Million 10m/20m Fibreglass Measuring Tape With Closed Reel


Length: 10 meters

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Yamayo Million 10m/20m Fibreglass Measuring Tape With Closed Reel

Available in 10m or 20m length options with a 12.5mm tape width and an enclosed reel for added convenience. These measuring tapes are built to last, withstanding even the toughest conditions and resisting tears year after year.

With an inner core made of strong glass fiber and a protective poly vinyl chloride overlay, these measuring tapes have a breaking point of over 20N. They offer high accuracy, with a tolerance of within +-5mm at 30 meters, which is almost comparable to that of conventional steel measuring tapes.

The markings on the tape are printed with ultraviolet-fixation permeating ink, ensuring excellent legibility that won't wear off even after years of use. Additionally, the non-conductive tape blade is made of two non-conductive materials, making it safe from electrical hazards, with a proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/m.

In summary, the Yamayo Million Measuring Tape offers superior durability, high accuracy, high visibility, non-conductivity, weather resistance, and easy cleaning, making it an excellent choice for any measuring needs.


  • Lengths: 10m or 20m
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Strength: 20N

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