Yamayo Ribbon Rod - 3m or 5m x 60mm PVC Coated Fibreglass

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Length: 3 meters

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Yamayo Ribbon Rod - 3m or 5m x 60mm PVC Coated Fibreglass

Yamayo Ribbon Rods are the ideal tool for reliable and accurate measurements. Made from 60mm wide durable PVC coated fibreglass, these rods are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide consistent results. The PVC coating offers protection against moisture and rough handling, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The fibreglass material ensures the rods retain their shape and do not bend or twist, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

These rods are ideal for a variety of applications, including aerial surveys, ground-based surveys, forensics, marine research, construction, archaeological surveys, environmental studies, geotechnical investigations, and research. Yamayo Ribbon Rods offer a convenient and efficient solution for recording data and are widely recognized as an industry standard. Experience the best in measurement technology with Yamayo Ribbon Rods.

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