Yamayo Million PVC Coated Fibreglass Tape Rope Water Level Measure


Length: 50 meters

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Yamayo Million PVC Coated Fibreglass Water Level Measure 

Portable and durable water level measuring tool featuring a PVC-coated fiberglass tape and probe. Ideal for measuring the water levels in various conductive liquids such as lakes, rivers, dams, wells, and more. The probe detects water and triggers a light and buzzer for easy detection. With 1cm graduations and a weight of 3kg (including batteries), this instrument runs on UM-3 x 2 3V batteries with an approximate 24-hour continuous use. Note: Not suitable for use in petroleum or flammable liquids.


  • Length: Either 50m or 100m
  • Tape Width:6.2mm
  • Tape Thickness: 1.9mm

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