CoreSafe H Grande Core Tray/Box - 4 Row - 1160mm x 385mm


Style: With Ribs
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CoreSafe Grande H Core Tray/Box - 4 Row - 1160mm x 385mm

CoreSafe Grande Core Tray: Your Key to Secure and Efficient Core Management

At CoreSafe, we're more than just a manufacturer – we're dedicated to providing the world's safest core tray for your precious geological assets. Our core values revolve around protecting what matters most to you.

PEOPLE: Say goodbye to Occupational Health and Safety concerns (OH&S) with our innovative design. Experience efficient workflows that make core management a breeze.

CORE: In a world of shifting commodity demands and advancing technologies, historical core samples could hold the answers you seek. We help you preserve and utilize this valuable resource.

ENVIRONMENT: We care about our planet. Our trays are not only strong and durable but also recyclable and reusable, reducing your ecological footprint.

PROFIT: Your diamond drill core is a goldmine of information and value. We believe it should be treasured as the useful resource it truly is.

Key Features of CoreSafe Grande Core Tray:

  • Optional ribbing in each channel ensures that your core stays oriented and stable.

  • Rigorously tested for resistance, durability, impact, and strength to protect your samples.

  • Safety matters to us. Our trays have no sharp corners, reducing the risk of injuries in your workspace.

  • Our unique flat bottom trays are designed to work seamlessly with roller conveyors, allowing for both lengthwise and sideways movement.

  • Easy to handle with slide and stack capability, our trays offer excellent stability and can be effortlessly stacked.

  • Convenient side and end handles, along with a secure one-piece clip-on lid, make handling and storage a breeze.

  • Available with an easy-to-use one-piece clip-on lid for added security.

  • Optional writable markers are available to help you label and organize your core samples efficiently.

CoreSafeTM Grandé Specifications:

  • N CoreSafe Grandé Core Tray: 5 rows, 96 trays per pallet

  • H CoreSafe Grandé Core Tray: 4 rows, 78 trays per pallet

  • Exterior dimensions: 1160x385mm

  • Internal length: 1050mm

Choose CoreSafe Grande Core Tray for the utmost in safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Protect your core assets, unlock their potential, and contribute to a sustainable future. Your core samples deserve the best – choose CoreSafe.

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