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Skyscan is the newest and most exciting weather product available anywhere in the world today. It is a hand held instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning as far as 40 miles (60 Km) away and accurately ranges its approach, by both an audible tone and by four LEDs which are ranged in 30-60Km (20-40 miles), 15-30Km (8 - 20 miles), 5-15Km (3-8 miles), 0-5Km (3 miles). This feature tells the user if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to his position.

  • Full digital microprocessor ensures accuracy and reliability
  • Powered by 2x9V batteries (approx 40-70 hours), 240V A/C adaptor, or by a 12V cigarette lighter.
  • Automatic shut-off after 5 hours of continuous operation for extended battery life
  • Low Battery - Lights when Skyscan has approx 5 hours of operational life remaining in batteries
  • Alerts user of strong thunderstorms or squall lines, which might produce strong winds, heavy rains or even tornados. Skyscan will sound a continuous alarm for 15 seconds and lights the SEVERE STORM WARNING LED for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Automatic False Trigger Alert - Continuous cycling of all LEDs through start-up routine occurs whenever Skyscan detects background noise levels (such as TVs, computer displays, or other appliances) high enough to interfere with the accurate detection and ranging of lightning activity.
  • Rugged ABS plastic, weather resistant case
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 165x80x30mm
  • Weight: 232g

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