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Not Just For Cycling Anymore

Just as in the US the first CamelBak products proved to be very popular among mountain bikers and motocross riders in Australia. Slowly the product began to cross over into other sports when scientific studies showed athletes drank more fluids and performed better when they wore a CamelBak hydration system.

Today you will see people in all sorts of sports and activities using CamelBak hydration systems for their convenience and performance benefits. In addition to cycling, CamelBak has Hands-Free Hydration™ systems for hiking, backpacking, running, snowboarding and skiing to name but a few.

CamelBak systems have been to the top of Everest and K2 – it's considered standard fare in most 8,000-metre summit suits. You can even see Camelbaks being used by some of Australia's top touring car teams to hydratate their drivers, including Kmart Racing who have won Bathurst V8 titles (2003 & 2004) .

CamelBak products also now have widespread use amongst military and law enforcement departments in Australia, with just about every facet of these two communities across the nation taking advantageof the huge range at their disposal.

Camelbak Cleaning Brush Kit-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Cleaning Brush Kit Camelbak
Camelbak Spec Antidote Reservoir Long 3L MIL-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Spec Antidote Reservoir Long 3L MIL Camelbak
Camelbak Hydrolink Big Bite Valve Cover Black-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Hydrolink Big Bite Valve Cover Black Camelbak
Camelbak Camel Clip-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Camel Clip Camelbak
Camelbak Big Bite Valve with Hydrolink Adaptor Black-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Big Bite Valve with Hydrolink Adaptor Black Camelbak
Camelbak Military Ambush 3L BK Antidote-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Military Ambush 3L BK Antidote Camelbak
Camelbak Thermal Control Kit-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Thermal Control Kit Camelbak
Camelbak Hydrolink Replacement Tube Coyote-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Hydrolink Replacement Tube Coyote Camelbak
Camelbak Eddy Bottle .75L Charcoal BPA Free-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Eddy Bottle .75L Charcoal BPA Free Camelbak
Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 2.0 litre-Normal-Prospectors
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Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 2.0 litre Camelbak